20 by 20

I've always enjoyed crafty things, projects and challenges. I guess my blog is the latest one really! In my first post (ever!) I wrote a list of 20 things I'd like to acheive before I'm 20 in August. I'm putting them here so I can keep track of how they're going. And maybe they'll inspire some blog posts too!

  1. Start carrying my camera with me more often- I'm getting better at this! See some of my other blog posts.
  2. Try my best to get over my fear of singing in front of people- I'm singing in a choir, that's definitly a start...
  3. Become more confident in myself
  4. Keep up (or if im honest restart) my physio so I have control of me- hmm yeah about that
  5. Add atleast 5 uni friends to my patchwork blanket- Waiting till the end of the year so it can include  messages rather than just names
  6. Have a crafty project on the go all the time- Current project: Patchwork kindle case
  7. Paint something
  8. Have an utterly amazing time in morocco with my sister
  9. Make more of an effort to talk to my brother while I'm at uni
  10. Say hello to a friend from home at least once a week
  11. Cook something new every week- This week: Chicken pie! 
  12. Keep up my new blog! (even when the work load kicks in again at uni)
  13. Do a first aid course
  14. Learn 3 new pieces on the piano
  15. Pass this year of uni!
  16. Visit my grandparents
  17. Improve my french
  18. Go to some form of live music
  19. Spend a gorgeous day on the beach
  20. Tell someone I love them every day (if I'm honest this will probly be the same person most days :P )- Ongoing...