Friday, 30 March 2012


Wow, so a weeks gone by already! Its been really lovely if a little stressfull in parts. I've done alot though. I like making lists, so heres the list!
  • Packed to come home
  • Played with the band at a wedding! (My first, it was rather lovely and we got dessert which is always good)
  • Fitted everything into my little KA... just
  • Got called into work halfway home so drove straight there
  • Eventually got home
  • Visited my grandparents and auntie
  • Spent ALOT of time on my essay
  • Made fairy cakes
  • Got quite a few scrapbooking pages done
  • Finished reading the hunger games
  • Had a bass lesson
  • Found out my friend is engaged!
  • Finally finished my essay with some motivation from my OT friends
  • Congratulated myself by buying the next hunger games book
  • Lost at a pub quiz
  • Expected Adam home and was dissapointed
  • But happy cause he's finally got a interview :)
  • and then spent quite a while reading again, i think im slightly addicted
If you take out the essay writing its been a good week really! Gone quickly though, il be on placement before I know it. For now I'm looking forward to a little more scrapbooking, lunch with mum and Adam finally getting home.

Friday, 23 March 2012


As promised I'd like to share with you one of my favourite presents I have ever received! Its also mentioned in my 20 by 20 :)
This is a fairly poor photo of the patchwork blanket I received for my 18th birthday getting on for 2 years ago from my mum. (Sorry, clearing up my room enough to take a good one would have taken too much time away from essay writing!). It's made of loads of different materials and has messages on from my friends and family which they wrote and my mum embroidered. The rest of the patches have been left blank to add friends I meet along the way :) Here's some of my favourites...
 A reminder of times when I hadn't quite decided on OT yet!
 A message that I'm learning more and more is very true!
 From one of my best freinds :) and i think it looks nice!
And finally from my mum... the whole confidentiality thing gets a bit annoying sometimes!

I love my blanket! At times it somehow makes me feel like I've got people around me even if their miles away. I remember my first night at uni all on my own curling up with it and theres still times when it's nice to pull it out! Plus it is very cosy. I'm really looking forward to finding out who gets added over the years... and deciding who to add this year. I'd love to add my house mates as we've had some really good times in the last 18 months, it's a bit sad that I'm not sure now we're at a stage when they'll have much to write... who knows maybe I'm wrong, we will see!

In other news after a bit of a panick yesterday I have reached my 3000 word target on the essay for today, finally past half way!


Sunday, 18 March 2012

5000 words...

The last two days I have spent buried in the world of paper, words, books, research, confusion, interest, impossible descisions, stress and more and more paper. The best bit is so far I've only written about 500 words, thats a 10th of what I'm aiming for! I'll get there, the end is a way off but it always comes. For now I thought I'd introduce you to what a students room lookslike midassignment crisis.
I guess atleast I don't have anyone here to tell me to clear it up! It does make moving around interesting though and getting in to bed later could be tricky. Some people need everything in order to be able to work (and there will be a time in a couple of weeks that I probably will too) but I always seem to go though this stage of needing space to spread out and look at everything before I can really do anything productive. It's ok though I have my supply of biscuits to keep me going :) back to work I go...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The last week or so...

So contrary to beleif after yesterdays post the last couple of weeks have actually been pretty good! I've been home for a weekend, been busy back at uni and acheived quite a bit, got a bit more involved in the music department- All sorts.
Here's some favourites...
Me and my brother had fun failing at making cake pops... you can see the full blog post here.

There was a gorgeous full moon that was slightly tricky to photograph while carrying a double bass around!

I created my new favourite space in y room simply by adding fairy lights. I also love my patchwork of friends blanket that makes it that much more homely (a possible post on this may follow).

My new kindle arrived! I'm slightly ashamed to admit that it's name on amazon is 'hannah's 3rd kindle'. Having broken mine the replacement they sent broke after just 2 days! Thankfully amazon have been really nice about it and it's been as stress free as possible. I have now bought a hard case for it though and it's living in its box untill that arrives! It's ashame as i quite like the one I sewed myself.

I discovered this song by Miranda Lambert via this blog and kind of fell in love with it. Sometimes sad songs are nice, I'm not sure I can explain this but it's true.

And finally, my new scrapbooking idea that I mentioned... I'd really like to create a scrapbook of all of my grandparents old photos of their young lives and possibly there parents where they have photos. While home I was visiting my grandma and for the first time I realised that her and my grandpa also had a long distance relationship at my age and I never even realised. She told me a story from their honeymoon and I think it would be really nice to have a record of these moments to be remembered and to have the oppurtunity to have come good old chats with grandma (not that we don't anyway!). I think it may become my summer project but we will see. For now I plan to start a board on pintrest to collect up some ideas. Any suggetsions are welcome!

Friday, 16 March 2012

i hate that people i dont especially care about can make me cry. and that no matter how many inspirational quotes i read on pintrest this is still a problem. and that these people dont appear to know what theyre doing. and that beause of this i still feel mean saying bad things about them and try to justify what they do.and that i continue to be resposible and do things for them.

i love that writing these points down in words makes it all feel so much better.... temporarily

and i hate that theyre making my blog all negativey

I  should be writing about everything I've acheived in the last few days, and its been alot, I've been busy! And about how today I was reminded how great OT is, just by reading some legislation (yes, random!). And how last week Adam proved again that he cares and can make me smile (even when im stupidly upset amount previously mentioned people). And that i completly failed at making cake pops but had a great time with my brother attempting it. And that i have a plan for a new scrapbook that I can't wait to start when I have time and money. And that simple texts from my friends mean alot. And that I got another kindle (long story)...

See told you I'd been busy!! I'll expand on one of these tomorrow, I'm kind of looking forward to it!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Determination (a late post)

When on train journeys my mum has a tradition of writing letters. I lovce reading them, it gives us a bit of mum while she's away. But I'm on a train on my way home so a letter seems a little pointless. So instead I'm blogging, or rather scribbling on a peice of scrap paper because my laptop won't work (I'll type this later... thats now!) Sometimes train journeys are utterly boring but other times I like them for the excuse to sit and think and do nothing for hours. This is one of those times. I enjoy watching the world go by, listening to conversations, dipping in and out of my book and, hen my mind wanders that way, mulling over my work. I've actually managed to vaguelly plan my 5000 word essay and produce goals for placement in this littlr world. And now I'm nearing the end of my journey and I know all of my good intentions will be difficult to keep. I had a thought- I wish I could bottle this determination. And so I've come up with my word. Several bloggers made theres in the new year and I loved them all, I wanted to copy several but I also wanted my own. I remember initially I liked 'fearless' (I don't remember where I found it so apologies!) but my problem is I'm not sure I'm capable of that! But I can be determined. To fight my fears and sometimes my exhaustion or my will to give up. I will be determined to do well on my placement, to become the best OT I can, to continue to improve at bass and my crafty fun and most importantly to be me.

Thats my word... Determination.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I found out my placement! I can't say exactly where it is because of confidentiality and the like but its in a acute mental health setting which is both exciting and a tad scary! I've never worked in mental health before and I'm really looking forward to finding out all about. I spoke to the OT that will be my 'educator' for placement today and she seems really nice and it sounds like theres lots of oppurtunities! So yeah, I'm happy :) Just need to sort outwhere I can live while I'm there and do some prep work and then... can I go now?!

I also took a photo of a lovely full moon earlier but the fake SD card seem to be stuck in the slot of my laptop so i cant put the real one in a download the photos :(

Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

happy days

Well after being down about placements you'll be pleased to know I got a whole load of good news! On thursday evening having just written my post and started to rearrange a few bits on the blog in the space of about two hours, things turned good! I heard that amazon are sending me a brand new kindle for free!! Then I got offered a job for next year! Then I was asked to write a witness statement for an accident I witnessed recently (ok maybe not great, but I was glad to know it's sorted) and then Adam arrived! So I'm back to my more happy self :)

Friday we went to one of the best shops- The Range. I could spend hours wandering around all their craft stuff... I think I might have! You can get some good scrapbooking deals in their gift bags and I managed to get all this:

For just £10, got to love a bargain! I've had a play around with it a bit but will post when I've created something worth showing.

We've also had a nice wander down the beach soaking up the sun (which I swear has a direct influence on my mood) resulting in some particulatly unispiring photography and discovered that the reason our fox is in our garden so much is because he lives there....

It was surprisingly hard to get a photo that gives an idea of the size of these burrows but they're roughly fox sized so I'm assuming he's the one that's dug them!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Well this week so far has just been stress! One of the great things and worst things about being an OT student is the placements we have randomly through our course. They're great because they remind me of the reason behind all the work I'm doing and I have met some truly inspiring people, both clients and therapists. If I'm honest I'm not sure I'd be able to sit in lectures for three years! However they are also incredibly stressful. At the moment I'm waiting to hear where I'm going. The problem is that it is the uni that organise the majority of our placements and though they try incredibly hard we still get left a month before having no clue where we are going, and considering this could be anywhere in a huge range of settings over two counties it leaves alot unknown. I guess my problem is I like to have things planned and to have them in control and when I can't I don't deal with it very well and it plays on my mind and then nothing else gets done which in turn is stressful!
But thankfully I now have a long weekend ahead of me with Adam and I'm going to do my best to forget about it, not moan too much and assume I'm not going to find out untill atleast tuesday... wish me luck!

In other news this months HTC challenge is cake pops, I'm so excited, can't wait to give it a go!