Sunday, 29 January 2012

Giving blood

Yesterday my 5-9 donations card arrived! Its a bit sad but I was pretty excited! Giving blood sometimes seems a bit odd if I think about it too much but its something I'm kind of proud that I do. I havn't had the any horror stories like some people come out with but it hasnt necessarily been easy. 3 years ago I hated needles. Hated them. If I needed an injection it would be on my mind for days before and someone would definitly need to be with me. But after needing several injections I got a bit better with it and when I was old enough to give blood I wanted to give it a go. My grandpa needed over 20 units after an accident when I was a baby and I'd love to be able to pay them back so some one else can have an extra couple of decades  with there grandpa! My first donation I fainted, the second one was extremely painful, the third so slow that they didnt manage to get 'a full donation' and the 4th was refused. So it hasnt been great, but for the last 2 I've gone on my own, I've felt fine, and I've stayed consious! And now I've reached 5 donations and yes, the prize of a new, different coloured card, is exciting! Now to aim for the next one, I'll be at 20 before you know it!

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