Sunday, 12 February 2012

Calm before the storm...

The last 5 weeks of uni have been a bit nothingy really. I havn't enjoyed the unit and we've had very little work. To begin with it drove me crazy, our course is so full on normally that I didn't know what to do with myself! I have gradually got back into the things that I enjoy a bit though, so in some ways it has been a good thing. .... blogging and browsing pintrest, randomly deciding to bake a cake or making a pressie for my mum. I've just completed my latest project, my first patchwork! I'm quite pleased with it, I love the strawberry material :)

Saying this, tomorrow we start our next unit which by the sounds of it will be back to to the busy life I'm used to, I'm kind of looking forward to it! But I also want to keep up the things I've started to enjoy. Today is my last day of calm for a while and I'm making the most of it. I've had a very lazy morning reading 'A Game of Thrones' and browsing blogs. I'm going to make some fairy cakes just cause I can and I might do a bit of scrapbooking or patchwork, we will see. I also need to tidy my room up a bit and print everything  for tomorrow, strangely I actually kind of enjoy getting it all organised, I guess it makes it feel a bit more undercontrol.

Finally, my sisters in Paris this weekend and then coming to visit me next week. Missing chatting already and she's only been away 2 days. Can't wait for next week!

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