Saturday, 25 February 2012


I have a confession to make... I've become slightly obsessed with browsing the realms of the blogging world and pintrest. I'm amazed how many inspiring people there are out there and I feel like i ought to be blogging about my favourites or something but right now I dont think I have any. I'm just enjoying reading and getting ideas and looking at amazing things and wanting to try some myself and not doing them because well, i'm spending all my time looking at them! It also makes blogging a bit daunting. But I think for now I'll just keep going, I havnt quite figured out what I want my blog to be yet, you can probably tell I've just written about lots of bits and peices, but it's a start.

One plan is to bring back the photos to my blog, it's been sadly lacking in the last couple of posts. I'm playing a concert thisevening and has rehersals all afternoon (and was playing another gig last night!), but somewhere in there I think I will have a play around with my camera. It's beautifully sunny today which I love. I can't wait for summer, for lieing in the garden reading my book (probably a text book), for days at the beach, for summer dresses and ice cream. Sunny photos here I come!

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