Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I love looking at the stars. When I've got stuff on my mind it puts it all in perspective. It's so peaceful (if your in the right place)  it makes me realise any problems of mine are tiny in comparison to everthing out there. It reminds me of a winter when I was about 15 when I walked the dog with my dad every night. He used to laugh at me attempting to walk in a straight line while looking at the stars (im incapable of it but I insist on trying) and everytime I remembered my camera it was cloudy and every time I forgot it there were stars everywhere. I remembered this today because it's the first time my cameras left my bag in the last couple of weeks and guess what... I wanted to take a picture. Guess I havn't got rid of that habit! They were good times, and when I go home now I always go walk the dog with dad at some point. It normally ends in me being pushed in a puddle, or a bramble bush, or being jumped up on from behind in the dark, or listening to awful music on radio 2... but we enjoy it and when I get back frozen, muddy or complaining about whatever dad has done I'm always in a better mood strangely! This started about stars.... ah well.. heres a memory for you!

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