Sunday, 19 February 2012

Girly weekend :)

Nothing too creative to share recently, been busy with my sister who came to visit for a few days. I think it was good for us both to have a few days away from normal life.

Here's some snaps of what we've been up to (i remembered the camera again see!)

 ... such a cute film! We were planning on watching the descendants but it had sold out so we saw this, a good girly film to watch with the sis :) 

Brunch in a little cafe with stuff from all over the world on the walls, it makes me want to travel and see all those places! I liked this map. We're going to volunteer in morocco for 3 weeks in the summer, just my and my sister, so excited!

And ice skating! Told you we were busy! Amazingly neither of us fell over. It was a tad scary but great fun and we saw olly murs's tour van thingy outside after!

And then we spent a fair amount of time shopping... I havnt got photos of our purchases but we had fun and came home for a dvd and ice ceam :) All in all a pretty good few days.

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