Saturday, 17 March 2012

The last week or so...

So contrary to beleif after yesterdays post the last couple of weeks have actually been pretty good! I've been home for a weekend, been busy back at uni and acheived quite a bit, got a bit more involved in the music department- All sorts.
Here's some favourites...
Me and my brother had fun failing at making cake pops... you can see the full blog post here.

There was a gorgeous full moon that was slightly tricky to photograph while carrying a double bass around!

I created my new favourite space in y room simply by adding fairy lights. I also love my patchwork of friends blanket that makes it that much more homely (a possible post on this may follow).

My new kindle arrived! I'm slightly ashamed to admit that it's name on amazon is 'hannah's 3rd kindle'. Having broken mine the replacement they sent broke after just 2 days! Thankfully amazon have been really nice about it and it's been as stress free as possible. I have now bought a hard case for it though and it's living in its box untill that arrives! It's ashame as i quite like the one I sewed myself.

I discovered this song by Miranda Lambert via this blog and kind of fell in love with it. Sometimes sad songs are nice, I'm not sure I can explain this but it's true.

And finally, my new scrapbooking idea that I mentioned... I'd really like to create a scrapbook of all of my grandparents old photos of their young lives and possibly there parents where they have photos. While home I was visiting my grandma and for the first time I realised that her and my grandpa also had a long distance relationship at my age and I never even realised. She told me a story from their honeymoon and I think it would be really nice to have a record of these moments to be remembered and to have the oppurtunity to have come good old chats with grandma (not that we don't anyway!). I think it may become my summer project but we will see. For now I plan to start a board on pintrest to collect up some ideas. Any suggetsions are welcome!


  1. This b-l-a-n-k-e-t is... is.... seriously perfect!
    You are so lucky to have such a thing in your room! Patchwork for a life!! =)

  2. Thankyou! It has messages from friends and family embroidered on the patches... I will hopefully post some closer up photos in the next few days :)

  3. A 3rd Kindle? Blimey. Can I punch mean people in the face?

    Sounds like a really nice idea, I got one of those books for Nan that you're supposed to fill in together, it has some really nice questions in it - silly stuff, but stuff thats quite nice to know. Hope things are better xx

  4. I hadnt considered getting a proper book, thats a nice idea! Yes things are much better thanks, in that im happier rather than in that anythings changed xx