Friday, 16 March 2012

i hate that people i dont especially care about can make me cry. and that no matter how many inspirational quotes i read on pintrest this is still a problem. and that these people dont appear to know what theyre doing. and that beause of this i still feel mean saying bad things about them and try to justify what they do.and that i continue to be resposible and do things for them.

i love that writing these points down in words makes it all feel so much better.... temporarily

and i hate that theyre making my blog all negativey

I  should be writing about everything I've acheived in the last few days, and its been alot, I've been busy! And about how today I was reminded how great OT is, just by reading some legislation (yes, random!). And how last week Adam proved again that he cares and can make me smile (even when im stupidly upset amount previously mentioned people). And that i completly failed at making cake pops but had a great time with my brother attempting it. And that i have a plan for a new scrapbook that I can't wait to start when I have time and money. And that simple texts from my friends mean alot. And that I got another kindle (long story)...

See told you I'd been busy!! I'll expand on one of these tomorrow, I'm kind of looking forward to it!

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