Sunday, 4 March 2012

happy days

Well after being down about placements you'll be pleased to know I got a whole load of good news! On thursday evening having just written my post and started to rearrange a few bits on the blog in the space of about two hours, things turned good! I heard that amazon are sending me a brand new kindle for free!! Then I got offered a job for next year! Then I was asked to write a witness statement for an accident I witnessed recently (ok maybe not great, but I was glad to know it's sorted) and then Adam arrived! So I'm back to my more happy self :)

Friday we went to one of the best shops- The Range. I could spend hours wandering around all their craft stuff... I think I might have! You can get some good scrapbooking deals in their gift bags and I managed to get all this:

For just £10, got to love a bargain! I've had a play around with it a bit but will post when I've created something worth showing.

We've also had a nice wander down the beach soaking up the sun (which I swear has a direct influence on my mood) resulting in some particulatly unispiring photography and discovered that the reason our fox is in our garden so much is because he lives there....

It was surprisingly hard to get a photo that gives an idea of the size of these burrows but they're roughly fox sized so I'm assuming he's the one that's dug them!

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