Sunday, 11 March 2012

Determination (a late post)

When on train journeys my mum has a tradition of writing letters. I lovce reading them, it gives us a bit of mum while she's away. But I'm on a train on my way home so a letter seems a little pointless. So instead I'm blogging, or rather scribbling on a peice of scrap paper because my laptop won't work (I'll type this later... thats now!) Sometimes train journeys are utterly boring but other times I like them for the excuse to sit and think and do nothing for hours. This is one of those times. I enjoy watching the world go by, listening to conversations, dipping in and out of my book and, hen my mind wanders that way, mulling over my work. I've actually managed to vaguelly plan my 5000 word essay and produce goals for placement in this littlr world. And now I'm nearing the end of my journey and I know all of my good intentions will be difficult to keep. I had a thought- I wish I could bottle this determination. And so I've come up with my word. Several bloggers made theres in the new year and I loved them all, I wanted to copy several but I also wanted my own. I remember initially I liked 'fearless' (I don't remember where I found it so apologies!) but my problem is I'm not sure I'm capable of that! But I can be determined. To fight my fears and sometimes my exhaustion or my will to give up. I will be determined to do well on my placement, to become the best OT I can, to continue to improve at bass and my crafty fun and most importantly to be me.

Thats my word... Determination.


  1. I like determination (: I'm also really gutted that we missed each other for weekends home! xx

  2. Thankyou :) And me too! atleast it's not too long untill easter x