Friday, 30 March 2012


Wow, so a weeks gone by already! Its been really lovely if a little stressfull in parts. I've done alot though. I like making lists, so heres the list!
  • Packed to come home
  • Played with the band at a wedding! (My first, it was rather lovely and we got dessert which is always good)
  • Fitted everything into my little KA... just
  • Got called into work halfway home so drove straight there
  • Eventually got home
  • Visited my grandparents and auntie
  • Spent ALOT of time on my essay
  • Made fairy cakes
  • Got quite a few scrapbooking pages done
  • Finished reading the hunger games
  • Had a bass lesson
  • Found out my friend is engaged!
  • Finally finished my essay with some motivation from my OT friends
  • Congratulated myself by buying the next hunger games book
  • Lost at a pub quiz
  • Expected Adam home and was dissapointed
  • But happy cause he's finally got a interview :)
  • and then spent quite a while reading again, i think im slightly addicted
If you take out the essay writing its been a good week really! Gone quickly though, il be on placement before I know it. For now I'm looking forward to a little more scrapbooking, lunch with mum and Adam finally getting home.

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